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La vie dans le royaume des rubans et des étoiles

L' état, c'est moi! :P

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3 December
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-updated- Hello, My (real name) is Kristin. When most people meet me they remember me as the girl who wears frilly dresses all the time. I've been wearing lolita fashion on an everyday basis going on five years now, though my style has been evolving from sweet to more classical and royal/hime styles lately. I love to sew and make both lolita and historical clothing from the 1600s to 1700s and am in love with all that is Baroque and Rococo. I am infatuated with aristocratic mens clothing from these time periods and am a bit of a closet kodona/ouji (But I just can't give up the pouf! Solution = Petticoat breeches!). I have a strange fascination and possible obsession with French monarchs and their relatives. Louis XIV and Philippe d'Orleans are my heroes! I am a non-religious socialist-monarchist, to get that out of the way. My goal is to get a PhD in French history and by miraculous luck get a job at Versailles as a tour guide or something, but I'll probably start out teaching. I'd like to be a fashion designer too, but I'm content to be the only one who wears my designs. I dabble in music as well. I play violin (rather badly) and have written a good amount of lyrics for songs (several of them about french monarchs, lol). I read a lot too, but only books with historical value - mostly biographies, literature that was influential in other time periods and fairy tales. I'd like to finish a novel at some point but I keep changing my mind about the story and don't take the time to write it out. In real life I'm pretty shy and it takes me being around someone more than once before and can have a descent conversation with them. I like making friends with similar interests, like lolitas, or maybe someone to practice speaking french with (my Japanese probably isn't good enough to practice yet). (my myspace is www.myspace.com/machinaclox - haven't logged in since 2008 lol) (My deviant Art is http://louis-etoile.deviantart.com/)

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